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From:  Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson

Dear Friend,

The tipping point has been reached.  Google is transforming at rapid speed.

No longer are text web pages the easiest way to get top search rankings.  Far from it.

There's a different type of content popping-up like wildfire on the Google results... replacing old rankings for even the most competitive terms.

By Harnessing Its Full Power, You Dominate
The Google Rankings In Record Time.

What are we talking about?

Take a look for yourself at the competitive term "Golf swing:"

Notice anything about these results?

The top 4 listings for this ultra-competitive term are all videos.  They're listed on free submission sites like YouTube and VideoJug.

Moreover, this is far from unusual.

It's Part of A Transformation 2 Years In The Making.

You see, the move to video rankings didn't happen overnight.

Google began slowly including more video rankings starting in 2007.

However, technological limitations kept video on the sidelines.

But, now that's all changed.  Video is replacing old content at a break-neck pace.

According to a recent interview with Google's VP of Search Products & User Experience 1 in 4 searches now show so-called "Universal" listings, which include videos.

Virtually All of The Most Competitive Terms Now
Show Videos On Either The 1st or 2nd Pages.

We're talkin terms like "Marketing," "Mesothelioma," "Forex," and every term under the sun.

And here's where it gets good for you: Google's demand for video has skyrocketed.  Publishers aren't keeping-up.

This means to capture Google rankings there are FAR fewer videos you're up against than text web pages.

For instance, there are an astonishing 671 MILLION pages on Google with the ultra-competitive term "Marketing" in them.  Normally, getting a top ranking for this term is virtually impossible.

That is, unless you go after positions reserved for videos -- where you're up against a more achievable number of around 135,000 videos.

Other Profitable Terms May Only Have A Few Dozen Competing Videos You Can Effortlessly Beat-Out For Top Spots.

NOT hundreds of thousands if you used text.

For most terms, you can submit a video and watch it get ranked-in Google hours later.

High-quality free traffic from Google and the video submission sites rush-in. 

But, that's not all videos do.

You Even Get Traffic From Search Terms You Didn't Optimize For.

For instance, when a user clicks on "How to swing like Tiger Woods" video in Google (it looks like this:)

...The user is shown other similar videos after he or she is done watching:

When the user then gets to your videos, you then link back to your website...and rake-in the FREE high-quality Google traffic otherwise out of your reach.

Of course, videos aren't perfect.  They come with a major drawback...

It Can Take HOURS To Submit To
Just A Few Video Distribution Sites.

 Just consider: For only 1 video, for each site you've got to:

  • Log-in to your account

  • Type in your details manually

  • Wait for your video to get uploaded

This process can take 10-20 minutes.   Just a couple dozen submission sites takes away 6 hours from your day.  And, fact is, you've got other pressing tasks on your plate.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way.  You can unleash maximum profits from your videos with less time, energy, and effort.

Just Point, Click, and Upload To Over 37+
High Google Page Rank Video Submission Sites.

Let me introduce you to Instant Video Uploader by Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith. You may be familiar with some of our other top-selling tools, including Press Equalizer, Article Equalizer, and dozens more.

Instant Video Uploader is a downloadable software you run on your computer to easily upload videos to 37+ leading video submission sites.  You get the maximum results possible out of your videos at lightning speed.

There AREN'T any complicated scripts or on-going monthly fees.

All of the leading video submission sites are now at your finger tips.  You save a fortune.

Of course, you may be wondering...

"What If I Don't Have Any Videos To Submit?"

The best part is you don't need to create videos to profit from them.

How's this possible?  To prove Instant Video Uploader works, we submitted old pre-made videos we had the Private Label Rights to.  ZERO time was spent creating the videos.  Each was about 60 seconds long.

Let's take a look at the results:

"Increase Golf Swing Speed"

And, remember, these aren't the highest-quality videos.  If you take more time creating your videos, you get even better results.

The bottom-line is...

You Now Have An Opportunity To Own The Results For Key Terms!

If you're just submitting to YouTube, you're missing-out on a fortune.  It has the most traffic, but there are sites Google likes to rank much better.

Not to mention, 1 submission is only 1 chance for a top ranking.

But, what happens when you submit to 37+ submission sites?  You have a far better shot of not just claiming 1 top ranking... but, you can potentially capture multiple top rankings for the same keyword!

You may gain 2-10 spots for one term.

Let's take a look at how quick and easy it can be to reach all of those sites with Instant Video Uploader.

Instant Video Uploader Works In 3 Easy Steps:

Pop-in your video's information you want submitted:

Double click on each account of your choice to be automatically logged-in and have your information filled-in:

Review and hit submit!  You're now done.  You can submit to each submission sites in 10-20 seconds a piece.  Though it can't be 100% automated, it's pretty darn close -- 95%.  6 hours a video transforms into minutes.

You can review how your submissions went at any time by looking at the history tool:

Simply put, instead of wasting your entire day submitting to only a dozen sites -- you get submitted to over 37 at lightning fast speed.

And if this time savings wasn't enough, you also get a free semi-automated sign-up tool to make creating your video submission accounts a breeze:

Just use this tool your first time and all of your data is saved for future use.

Take A Look For Yourself At Instant Video Uploader In Action:

Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Receive:

Profit from Google's rapid move to "Universal search" to get much easier top 10 rankings than if you used any type of written content.

Submit to up to 37+ of the top high-traffic video submission sites (including YouTube, Google Video,  Viddler, and many more you can't easily find on your own). 

Get dozens of incoming links from high-PR authority sites (the two lowest have a PR of 3 and both of these are full of traffic).

Capture multiple prized search positions for the same keyword.  By submitting to 37+ sites, your videos dominate your keywords' results!

Flood your sites with gobs of targeted traffic from leading video submissions sites (YouTube alone now rivals Google in page views).

Get traffic from search terms you don't target directly.  Visitors click on someone else's video listing in Google, are sent to YouTube, and then can view your related videos!

Account sign-up tool makes creating your accounts for all of the video sites quick and easy.  6 hours of hard tedious labor transforms into a minor 30 minute breeze.

Have enough  time to dominate dozens of keywords in a day with point-and-click ease!

History tool shows you exactly how each of your submissions went.  Unlike other submission services, you know exactly whether your videos really got submitted.

Store unlimited video information for easy re-submission  You just pop-it open and put it into action.

Plus, much more.

Listen, if you've waited to take full advantage of video up to this point, that's okay.  Google was slow to include video in their results.  However, the game has now changed.  The tipping point has been reached.

Video Is Exploding.

The amount of positions reserved for video is sky-high... and it's only going up from here.

All this means is you now have a choice.  You can continue on your current path...Where you miss-out on easy rankings and lose a fortune as a result.  And, the competition happily takes your place.

OR... you can unleash the full power videos with Instant Video Uploader.  You stay on top of the changing landscape with ease...and leave the competition in your dust.

You now own a shortcut secret weapon to claim prized money-making search positions overnight.  You own the rankings.

Best of all,...

Your Investment For Instant Video Uploader Is A No-Brainer.

After all, just consider your options when it comes to submitting videos.

Sure, you can try to find somebody to submit your videos manually.  But, that's going to easily cost you $20.00 for just 1 video submission.  10 videos sets you back $200.00.  50 submitted over a year costs you $1,000.00.

On top of this, you have no idea if your outsourced employee actually did submit your video to all of the sites you requested.  And you don't need an extra babysitting job.  You have enough on your plate.

On the other hand, with Instant Video Uploader,...

You Just Pop-It Open and Profit.

There AREN'T any complicated scripts to install or huge on-going fees -- which would set you back hundreds of dollars a month.

You capture prized search positions overnight with submission to all of the leading video sites. 

You would have a tough time finding all of them on your own.

Best of all, the one-time investment isn't as much as you might expect.  It's NOT $197, $147 or even $97, which we've charged for tools in the past.  It's a drop in the bucket with a tiny one-time amount of only $47.

That amount is easily paid back with just 1 video submission for the right search term.


You Also Get A $97.00 Bonus Tool, Instant Audio Uploader, FREE When Grab Your Copy Today!

To make this an irresistible offer, we're giving away a valuable tool called "Instant Audio Uploader."  This tool was going to be sold alone for $97.00.  But, when you act today, you get it for free.

You can't get this tool anywhere else.

Instant Audio Uploader submits your audio recordings to leading directories with click-button ease.  Your recordings might be teleseminars, interviews, or short recordings you put together yourself.

Your recordings then move from only being heard by your own list of customers to reaching new targeted prospects.  They spread around the net.

Instant Audio Uploader currently has a list of 40 directories it submits your audio to. Just click and it submits.

Here's an inside look:

Now, normally, without Instant Audio Uploader, you have to spend countless hours manually submitting to all of these directories (if you could even find them all). 

Now, the same job is done in minutes.

The bottom-line is you're now a double threat.  You not only dominate with video using Instant Video Submitter, but you conquer the Audio traffic as well with Instant Audio Uploader.

Plus, you will also receive the following 7 killer bonuses...

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Google loves online videos.You can choose the most competitive field in your market place, type the keywords on Google, and chances are, a video will appear on the first page.

Used correctly, your online videos can become a selling platform all by itself. In fact, in works better than sales copy because it's multimedia. People engage to online video better than the printed text on a page.

A $67 Value

A Stunning Total Value of $339.00! And We Will Throw In An Addtional Surprise Bonus You Won't Want To Miss...

Your Investment Is Secure!

Unlike other software products that go out of date quickly, you get FREE upgrades for both Instant Video and Audio Uploaders.  This means you always own the latest, up-to-date versions.

So, if a new feature comes-out that boosts the value of these two tools, you don't have to pay anything extra. You get the new advancement free of charge.

Plus, both of these tools also get regular updates to keep-up with new submission sites.  If a hot new video site or audio directory comes on the scene, it gets added.

This truly makes getting your copy a risk-free deal.  But, there's more.  To give you even more confidence, you also get our:

We're so confident you're going to love the results you get with Instant Video and Audio Uploaders...When you grab your new copies right now, you get our ironclad, 100% 60-day risk-free guarantee!

This means you get to take your copies for a risk-free test-run.  If you don't explode your traffic, profits, and capture more profitable search positions...or you aren't thrilled for any reason at all, just let us know and your investment is promptly returned.

So, go-ahead and start enjoying your copies of Instant Video and Audio Uploader in minutes from now.  Every minute you wait equals easy profits you miss-out on.

You can literally submit your first video today and wake-up tomorrow to see results.

With this deal, you can only gain by getting your copienow...

Get Your Copy of "Instant Video Uploader" Now For Only $197 $97  $47 WOW!

You can download it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m.! 


Jeff Alderson
Rod Beckwith

P.S.  The search engines are changing fast.  Now's the time to take advantage of video.  Instant Video Uploader makes unleashing the full power of video (where you own the rankings for top keywords) a point-and-click game.

P.P.S.  There's no other way to so easily profit from video submission sites... and WITHOUT shelling-out HUGE monthly fees or dealing with installing a complicated script!  Instant Video Uploader runs on your computer and is 100% accountable to you.  You know exactly how it performs and know with certainty what sites your videos are submitted to.  Maximum results are gained from each of your videos.  Instead of just 1 shot at a search position, you get 37 -- to capture multiple spots from each video.

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